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Denver Amicae Auxiliary

Amicae or "Friends of Zeta" are women who do not have college degrees, but membership is open to family members and friends recommended by any of the city's Chapters. Besides lending assistance and providing support to Zeta activities, Amicae promote good public relations between Zetas, other women and the community, make non-Greek women feel closer to the program of a Greek organization and assume more cooperation in community projects that are sponsored by Zetas. The DENVER AMICAE is one of over 175 Amicae groups in the United States. The DENVER AMICAE were established in October of 1971 and currently have fourteen members. For more information about the DENVER AMICAE or membership, please contact them at amicae@zphibzzz.org.

Amicae Officers

Wanda Bryant, President

Judy Kirkland, Vice President

Linda Richardson, Recording / Corresponding Secretary

Shirley Robinson, Treasurer / Financial Secretary

Kimerly Cotton, Chaplain

Andinkra Edmond-Muwwakki, Parliamentarian

Margaret Harrison
Lolita McNeil
Olivia Toles

Gloria Magwood, Zeta Zeta Zeta Chapter
Shelly Eweka, Zeta Zeta Zeta Chapter