We miss you and welcome you home with open arms!

As you know, the Zeta Zeta Zeta Chapter is made up of a diverse group of women that are dedicated to the PRINCIPLES of Zeta. In our chapter we dont work to be a member, are members so we can work.

Welcome Home 2016 Reclaimed Sorors

Della Donna-Matthews Willene Collins Tiffany Johnson Arlene Tate

What's your story?

Nationals wants to share your story and so do we. Should you choose, after reclaiming please provide a photo, a brief bio that including your name, your current chapter, how many years you have been inactive and why you decided to come back home to Zeta.
Some of the bios receive will be highlighted on our International website and our other social media outlets, however, they all will be shared through Zeta Zeta Zeta Chapters social media outlets if you choose to share.

Greetings Sorors,
My name is Arlene Laverne Tate. I have been a member of our amazing sorority since 1990, undergraduate at Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I was inactive for ten years from 2006-2016. During that time I experienced two profound personal losses. The sudden passing of my husband Victor after 19 years of marriage and most recently my mother, Rose. These life altering events changed the timing of my return to my beloved sorority. It would take its toll on me mentally, physically and emotionally, but God is seeing me through. I have always experienced sisterhood and a true sense of belonging when I was an active member in a chapter. I began to long for the bond, the integrity and commitment from a diverse group of woman, who truly believed in our cause and lived it daily. Therefore, I decided to return home and reclaim Zeta. My passion never left me, it just laid dormant waiting to be rediscovered. My current Chapter Zeta Zeta Zeta in Denver, Colorado embraced me with open arms and I soon learned that there was much work to be done. I was welcomed graciously into the sisterhood I knew back then. I came home to Zeta. My journey continues and I know the best is yet to come.

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Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. - Zeta Zeta Zeta Chapter
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